Lavender Candle

Lavender Candle

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Ignite Good Feelings

Early hominids tamed fire hundreds of thousands of years ago. Even today, being near a flame strikes chords within us of security, safety, and wellbeing. Light a candle and relax.

All Vegetable

We are proud to offer you the finest quality hand-poured candles. Our proprietary, vegan blend of soy, coconut, and candelilla waxes ensures a clean and long-lasting burn.

All Cotton Wicks

Braided all-cotton wicks support a steady flame. Yes, Candace, your parrot will be safe—no zinc or zinc alloy here. 

Essential Oils

The alluring aromas are derived from essential oils. Our candles smell great unlit and burning. You'll find no fake fragrances here. (The parrot breathes a sigh of relief.)

Lavender—full, soft, floral-herbal lavender bouquet
with Lavender essential oil

Approximate burn time is 24 hours for the 4 oz candle.

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