Still I Rise Wristband
Still I Rise Wristband
Still I Rise Wristband
Still I Rise Wristband

Still I Rise Wristband

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This design was created specifically for beach shops or anyone who is living the hang loose and coastal lifestyle. 

With each bracelet being made from recycled water bottles, we’re helping improve our beaches and our coastline one ZOX at a time.

-Machine wash in a laundry bag on cold and air dry.

- avoid oils and lotions. fatty acids in oils and some lotions break down the natural rubbers we use in each zox.

- if your zox is a little bit snug, don't be afraid to give it a few good stretches. they're made to have a fairly snug fit, expanding to work on wrists of almost any size.

- remember, zox are made from fabric and will wear the same as normal clothing. if you wear the same zox all day, every day, it'll wear out much sooner than if you rotate between different bands.

- if a strap begins to warp, try placing it on a can overnight as it can help to reshape the elastic.


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