Beauty In Chaos Wristband
Beauty In Chaos Wristband
Beauty In Chaos Wristband
Beauty In Chaos Wristband
Beauty In Chaos Wristband

Beauty In Chaos Wristband

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As part of the "Letter's from your future self" drop, this one hits very close to home for me. You see, with 3 little kids at home, my house is the epitome of chaos. There is always the sound of someone talking, laughing, crying, making something, breaking something... it's just expected. But recently, while Kara and the kids were gone for a few weeks and I was here all alone, I realized what it feels like to not have chaos: Empty. Chaos is one of those things where, in the moment, we feel like it's overwhelming. The very definition of chaos suggests "utter confusion", meaning we really are just sort of going with the flow, out of control and reacting in real time.

Countless designs to match your style and mood.

- Durable, long-lasting, and crafted with precision.

- Hidden inspirations for daily positivity.

- Limited edition pieces, collect and trade with friends.

- Made with recycled materials, caring for the planet.

- Elastic bands ensure all-day comfort.

- Complements both casual and formal outfits.

- Wearable reminders of strength and positivity.

- Swap and share with ease for endless possibilities.

- A canvas for individual style and personality.

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