Focus Wristband
Focus Wristband
Focus Wristband
Focus Wristband

Focus Wristband

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Using our ultra-soft elastic that's milled with polyester made from recycled water bottles, these little hugs for your wrists are the perfect reminder for everyone, including yourself.


I’m a people-pleaser. Phew, there — I said it. Though I try more now to pave my own way, there was once a time when I followed the direction of those around me without much regard for how they made me feel. Years ago, I had a friend who constantly tore me down with the excuse of helping me to stand up for myself. I knew her reasoning was wrong, yet I did nothing to stop it. After years of working on myself, I realized that was not genuine friendship, not true support. I decided to walk away from that friendship.

It was one of the hardest things I’ve done — step back from a friendship that I had been pouring my love into for years. But it was one of the most important decisions I’ve ever made. I shifted my focus to finding positive, loving, and caring people. The people around me now have changed my life. As this beautiful collector’s card reads: If it brings you down, it’s not worth it. And, the best part is, that reminder applies to so many things in this life. Relationships, friendships, activities, work — you name it. 

Where you place your focus can shape your entire attitude. With the previous year we all experienced, it’s time we focus on the positive. No matter what you’re doing, if it brings you down, I promise you it is not worth it. You’re meant for brilliant things in this life, all of which are intended to build you up, and I hope that this incredible ZOX reminds you of that.

Be bold,

-Machine wash in a laundry bag on cold and air dry.

- avoid oils and lotions. fatty acids in oils and some lotions break down the natural rubbers we use in each zox.

- if your zox is a little bit snug, don't be afraid to give it a few good stretches. they're made to have a fairly snug fit, expanding to work on wrists of almost any size.

- remember, zox are made from fabric and will wear the same as normal clothing. if you wear the same zox all day, every day, it'll wear out much sooner than if you rotate between different bands.

- if a strap begins to warp, try placing it on a can overnight as it can help to reshape the elastic.

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