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Corinthian Bells Windchime: Green

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With this best-selling collection, every breeze brings new enchantment.

Corinthian Bells® is our best-selling collection. And from the first ring, the difference is clear. This collection combines high-density polymer strikers with thick-walled, powder-coated tubes—for superior resonance and resilience. With 10 sizes and a range of watercolor hues, you may be inspired to buy several and build a choir. Because when you hang a Corinthian Bell chime, every breeze brings new enchantment.

Corinthian Bells® 27-inch Windchime:
  • 27"L x 7"H x 7"W
  • Weight 2.0 lb
  • Scale C

Enjoy the amazing sounds of a Corinthian Bells® windchime in a compact size that fits any budget. Our smallest size, the two-pound 27" chime is great as an accent piece or for adding charm to your decor without using much space.

Corinthian Bells® 30-inch Windchime:

  • 30"L x 7"H x 7"W
  • Weight 3.0 lb
  • Scale A

This chime is the perfect size for a small patio or balcony. Hand-tuned to the scale of A, this 30" chime also makes a great duet with our 50" version, tuned to the same scale.

Corinthian Bells® 36-inch Windchime:
  • 36"L x 8"H x 8"W
  • Weight 4.0 lb
  • Scale E

The moderate size of this 36" chime makes it one of our most versatile windchimes. It's large enough to serve as a focal point in your landscape design, yet small enough to fit above a typical porch rail.

Corinthian Bells® 44-inch Windchime:
  • 44"L x 9"H x 9"W
  • Weight 6.0 lb
  • Scale C

 These 44" chimes make an excellent compliment to a wide range of chimes. It can give depth when paired with our smaller sizes, or add flair to the low tones of our larger chimes.

Corinthian Bells® 50-inch Windchime:
  • 50"L x 11"H x 11"W
  • Weight 11.0 lb
  • Scale A

Our most popular midsize chime, the 50" is a proven favorite of many windchime enthusiasts. Its tones closely match the singing range of most people.

Corinthian Bells® 56-inch Windchime:
  • 56"L x 13"H x 13"W
  • Weight 16.0 lb
  • Scale G

Looking for a musical garden ornament for your home? This 56" wind chime is an excellent choice, offering incredible resonance and powerful presence.

Corinthian Bells® 60-inch Windchime:
  • 60"L x 13"H x 13"W
  • Weight 20.0 lb
  • Scale G

These 60" chimes are unique in that they are the only Corinthian Bells® chime tuned to a major 7th chord. If you're musically inclined, the depth of harmony played by these chimes will be music to your ears.

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