Snowman Necklace 2
Snowman Necklace 2

Snowman Necklace 2

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Ficklesticks Fabric Jewels Snowman Necklace

We’ve put our adorable Snowman on a neck cord! The snow barely peeks out through the festive Ficklesticks outfit! Complete with a scarf and a cap, each cute little Snowman is different, but similar. Comes hanging on a thin, black cord. Safety pin is sewn on the back to use as a pin! Hurry before they melt, Snowmen are ready to roll!

All Snowman Necklaces come in a “multi” colorway.


  • Approximately 20 in. long (40 in. circumference)
  • Snowman is approximately 3 in. tall and 2 in. wide
  • Machine washable, dry in a lingerie bag.

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