Start A New Chapter Wristband
Start A New Chapter Wristband
Start A New Chapter Wristband
Start A New Chapter Wristband
Start A New Chapter Wristband
Start A New Chapter Wristband

Start A New Chapter Wristband

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Using our ultra-soft elastic that's milled with polyester made from recycled water bottles, these little hugs for your wrists are the perfect reminder for everyone, including yourself.

Hey y'all – how are you doing? Things are going great on my end; I've been feeling more and more at home in my new apartment, and have even started exploring the local scene a bit more. I'm hoping to find a couple of activities in my new community that I didn't have time for in college, like joining a local choir, finding a board game group, or looking into volunteer opportunities. One of the best parts about moving to a new place, in my opinion, is exploring; I get to discover my new favorite restaurants, new friends to spend time with, and so much more! So far, I've found my favorite coffee spot where you can find me drawing or reading the day away.

This new chapter in my life has been so exciting and surprising; I can't wait to see what happens next. There have been a lot of chapters in my life – my middle school tomboy phase where I refused to even look at the color pink or my high school years of figuring out what I wanted to do with my life... but those are stories for another time. We all have our own unique stories, and while some chapters are harder than others, we persevere and keep turning the pages to see what happens next; time keeps moving and so do we.

It's wild that college is a year behind me now; so much has changed in what felt like so little time. College was an amazing experience, don't get me wrong, but it also came with a good deal of stress – the stress of getting projects finished in time and the stress of whether or not my work was good enough to pass. Working as hard as I could every second of every day to build my art portfolio while attending school was a big chapter in my life.

Speaking of big chapters, this past year was a massive undertaking wasn't it? We, as a people, had to learn how to cope with being alone and learn new ways to communicate and spend time with the people we couldn't see in person. For some, last year brought overwhelming heartache, pain, and stress. I've always been an optimistic person, but this past year was hard and at times it was difficult to think it'd ever end. But, with that all being said, there is light at the end of the tunnel and I'm excited to start a new chapter – that hope is what inspired this artwork for me.

* I'll be honest, reading also inspired this artwork for me obviously – during my college years, I didn't really have any time to read for fun. Now, I can't stop reading and am constantly at my local bookstores. What are you currently reading? *

That is all I have for y'all today, but let this piece be a reminder to start a new chapter, to keep moving forward, and to keep seeking new things to find enjoyment in. I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I did making it, and as always, I wish y'all all of the happiness in the world and a safe weekend! See y'all next time!

Chelsea Tolin

-Machine wash in a laundry bag on cold and air dry.

- avoid oils and lotions. fatty acids in oils and some lotions break down the natural rubbers we use in each zox.

- if your zox is a little bit snug, don't be afraid to give it a few good stretches. they're made to have a fairly snug fit, expanding to work on wrists of almost any size.

- remember, zox are made from fabric and will wear the same as normal clothing. if you wear the same zox all day, every day, it'll wear out much sooner than if you rotate between different bands.

- if a strap begins to warp, try placing it on a can overnight as it can help to reshape the elastic.

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